Transferring your super into one account

If you have more than one super account, you may want to consider combining them into one super fund so you pay only one set of fees and charges. It also means you can keep track of your money more easily.
You can register through the ATO online services at and use SuperSeeker to check your super accounts and find any lost or ATO-held super. If you have more than one account and wish to consolidate them, you can also request a transfer from one account to another online.
Before making a decision to transfer your super, it is recommended that you:


  • ask your super fund if there are any fees or charges for, or benefits affected by, rolling your money over to another fund
  • speak with a qualified financial adviser.

You can transfer or roll over your super at any time, with some limited exceptions. Your old super fund will generally process your transfer request within three working days of receiving it.
Once your transfer request is completed, your old super fund will send you a rollover benefits statement. Check that it is correct and retain it for your records.

Refer to SuperSeeker for more information.

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