Headed up by Greg Thompson, Thompsons Audit’s office in Wollongong is now operating.

Greg and his team will work closely with you to get to know your business. Thompsons Audit use the latest computerised systems, and conduct an in-depth review of your accounts. This enables identification of key areas where additional support and attention will improve your business. The key audit areas offered are:

  • Audit of financial statements of public and private companies where required by statute or lending authority.
  • Audit examination and reports on trust accounts of solicitors, real estate agents and other organisations as required by various statutes.
  • Audits required by entities holding financial services licenses.
  • Audits of superannuation funds.
  • Evaluation and design of internal control systems.



Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson



Greg is the principal of Thompsons Audit and a registered company auditor. He has extensive experience in Audit, Business Planning, Business Systems and related areas.